Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Classroom Program


9-12 months


15 Units

UCR Extension

You have the passion, but that's not all you need to be successful working in the nonprofit sector. Explore concepts and practices, including legal constraints and liabilities, supervision of staff and volunteers, fundraising techniques, and more to ensure a successful management approach in diverse areas, such as healthcare, the arts, and education, among others.

Designed For

Those who are:

  • In a leadership position in a nonprofit organization or government office
  • Managing or organizing a nonprofit program in private or government office settings
  • Interested in developing and/or volunteering to serve on a nonprofit board

What You'll Learn

Participants in this certificate program obtain an overview of the unique roles and responsibilities for nonprofit managers, including:

  • Legal requirements
  • Board development
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Budgeting

What You Can Do With This Certificate

Positions are available in a variety of industries all over the world, and can be found in government, volunteer or nonprofit organizations. They might include:

  • Manager in a Government Office or Nonprofit Organization
  • Arts or Education Program Manager
  • Community or Volunteer Organizer

Program Overview


15 Units

“I learned how to approach nonprofit problem solving from multiple perspectives. This new way of thinking has been pivotal in strengthening my skills as a nonprofit manager.”

Vernetta Griffin

Development Administrator of Philanthropy
City of Hope Medical Center
Duarte, CA

Earning the Certificate

Prior to enrolling, please ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. High school education or equivalent

RAP Foundation Scholarship

For the eighth year, the Regional Access Project Foundation’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP) is proud to sponsor UCR Extension’s Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management, to help support students aspiring to become managers within the nonprofit industry. TAP assists nonprofits in Eastern Riverside County, and utilizes the benefits of education to help accomplish their goal of developing the capacity of these organizations and providing them the tools needed to thrive and succeed.

Partial Scholarships Available:

  1. Fifteen partial scholarships available - limited to one individual per organization.
  2. Students accepted into the co-hort will pay $100 for each of the five courses.
  3. Recipients must work for nonprofit organizations in Eastern Riverside County.
  4. Deadline to apply: Tuesday, August 15, 2017.
  5. Scholarship recipients will be notified on or before August 25, 2017.
  6. Complete the application online.

For more information see How to Earn a Certificate

Certificate Courses

Our certificate programs are designed to be flexible, allowing you the option to take just a few courses or to earn the complete certificate. If choosing to complete the certificate, we recommend you get the most out of your experience by following the suggested completion path below.

Quarter 1

Nonprofit Management

MGT X416

3 units

Examine development, planning and management of public benefit and charitable nonprofit organizations.

  • Principles of nonprofit organization management
  • Legal issues and requirements
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Fund development
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Managing personnel
  • Board/volunteer/community relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership and organizational development

Fundraising Essentials

MGT X416.1

3 units

Survey principles and practices of fundraising including fund development, campaign planning, donor relations and common short and long-term development strategies. Annual giving campaigns

  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Major donors
  • Foundation and government grants
  • Planned giving
  • Endowments
  • Special events
  • Capital campaigns

Quarter 2

Social Media Marketing

MGT X476.25

3 units

Examine the role of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, blogs and other social media marketing tools to reach new markets.

  • Marketing principles and practices for social media
  • New channels of social media marketing and Web 2.0
  • Case studies and real-world success stories
  • Do's and don'ts of social media marketing
  • Social network management
  • User generated content
  • Content sharing
  • Blogs, podcasts, wikis
  • Tracking leads and lead generation
  • Measuring success
  • Budgeting for social media marketing
  • Current and future trends
  • Evaluate social media marketing as part of an overall marketing plan

Grant Proposal Writing

MGT X417.01

3 units

Learn the mechanics of producing a grant proposal by completing a proposal document that will be ready for submission upon completion of the course. Topics include grant research, planning, budget development, partnerships, document preparation, writing for the grant and proposal presentation.

Quarter 3

Current Issues and Case Studies in Nonprofit Management

MGT X417.8

3 units

Capstone course where you focus on real-world issues involving the day-to-day management and strategic planning of a nonprofit organization. Explore practical issues, problems and challenges, including how policies are put into action. Topics covered include:

  • collaborative efforts
  • program evaluation, networking
  • organization analysis/development
  • dealing with change
  • management of information systems
  • setting goals
  • strategic planning
  • managing human resources
  • board relations
  • volunteer administration
  • handling physical resources.

Upon completion of this course, you will submit a portfolio-based project based on a specific area of concentration.

“I became interested in nonprofit management because I had a desire to help underprivileged kids and their families. Every class I teach at UCR Extension is filled with individuals who are eager to learn, advance, and engage--both in the classroom and in their communities.”

Eldon Baber

Nonprofit Management Consultant
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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